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 New England Firearms - Anyone have any experience with them?
OlKev  [Member]
2/28/2008 10:43:45 PM
Anyone have any experience with the New England Firearms Pardner® Pump Protector shotgun? I've seen them at the local Gander Mountain store (very inexpensive) but, don't know anything about them and don't know anyone that has any experience with them.

Can anyone help out?
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Bittner182  [Member]
2/29/2008 12:00:11 AM
My cousin bought one a few months ago at dicks real cheap. Its ok, not the best looker, but it works. I would say save a few more bucks and find a sale on a 870, or 500. If you ever want a new barrel those are everywhere and very cheap. Its not a bad firearm if you must have something right now.
DIXIEDOG  [Member]
2/29/2008 12:50:46 AM
I personally won't buy a gun made in China that is a direct copy of an American classic like the 870 but the one I did see seemed to be OK quality. If it were me I would try to find a 870 on sale and go with that, parts and accessories for the 870 are available everywhere and they are built like a tank.
MAX100  [Member]
2/29/2008 4:01:42 AM
They are better made shotguns than the Remington 870 Express and they are made by Norinco. Remington owns Marlin NEF and H&R. Remington is now importing Norinco made copies of their 870 shotgun.

I own a Norinco 982 so I speck with experience of owning one for 4 years.

Here is a review I wrote on the Norinco made shotguns.

In my opinion of the Norinco 870 is a step above the Express 870 HD at a much better price. It is a improved version of the 870 for tactical purposes. The reasons why is laid out in a list below. The Marlin NEF Pardner Pump which is also made by Norinco and imported by Hawk Ind.

My Review of the Norinco 870 it's advantages over 870 Express HD:

The 870 Express cost about twice as much and three time if it came with GRS and metal trigger guard.

A smooth action on my gun from the get go. I did some more minor polishing to smooth it more. The action on most Express are rough.

It has a machined extractor and ejector compared to the MIM parts on the Express

It has an metal trigger guard. Plastic on the Express

The ghost ring sights are excellent, much better than a bead in my opinion and much better GRS than you find on a 870. A good set of GRS will cost you almost as much as the Norinco 870.

The shell carrier/lifter is non slotted but if a shell is released between the lifter and the bolt, it will still feed smoothly without smacking the butt on the ground. This might be due to a slightly different lifter shape (?).

It is parkerized, not "rough" blued like the Express. It is a good looking SG. Fit is about the same on both guns.

It is very reliable it will feed cheap ammo that some Express won’t

The barrel locking lug is in a better location. Being higher up it allows for a mount to be added above the fore end to mount accessories. When you add a mount on the tube extension of a Express it has the be removed each time you break down the shotgun, which is a pain. If you add a magazine tube extension on the Norinco like the one in the picture it is a stronger setup because it is shorter.

With a magazine tube extension on the Norinco 18.5" barrel you get 7+1 capacity, without 5+1. Remington 870 with a 18" barrel you only get 6+1 with a tube ext and 4+1 without.

Both shotguns have mag tube dimples and they have to be drilled out before you can use a tube ext.

All Remington 870 accessories will fit it and there are plenty available. Some may need to be modified a little to fit.

Quality steel on both guns. The steel on the Norinco does seem to rust easier. I believe it’s because of the high carbon content.

This shotgun has a 14" LOP, Cylinder Choke measures 0.725", 18.5" barrel OD @ muzzle 0.860", wall thickness @ muzzle 0.067", 7+1 capacity with mag tube extension. Rounds put through the review gun around 3000 over 4 years not a single FTF with all types of ammo.

My conclusion is, I believe it is a improved version of the 870 for tactical purposes. This is the best deal to be had in a Tactical shotgun anywhere.

Here is a picture of my Norinco 870 limited tactical model. It came with GRS, heat shield and a tactical speed fore end. I added a Vang tactical big head speed safety, a mag tube extension that I make for these shotguns, Laserlyte Tri-Rail mount, replaced the flat head screws that hold the rear GRS with better scoket allen head screws and coated the shotgun with non rust ceramic paint which is very durable, more durable than a parkerize finish. I have owned it for 4 years and put it through Hell. It is a great gun.

Here is a picture of the Norinco made NEF Pardner Pump Protector with a +2 magazine tube extension. Marlin NEF and H&R are now owned by Remington.